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ARMED FORCES MILITARY ID CARDS Common Access Card DD Form 2 and DD Form 1173 ACTIVE DUTY Members of the US Military serving on Active Duty Selected Reserves and National Guard DD FORM 2 RESERVE Members of the Individual Ready Reserves National Guard and Inactive National Guard Retired members of the Reserve and National Guard under the age of 60 DD FORM 2 RETIRED Members entitled to retired pay members on the temporary disability TDRL Retired list and members on the permanent disability...
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retired list, and members undergoing extended disability retirement pay. DD FORM 1173 (GENERAL DISABILITY RETIRED) Retired members of the Disabled reserve. Members of the Reserve Components with an active duty obligation of at least 12 months on the active duty list and on active duty for training that is equivalent to a period of active duty of at least 12 months and is not less than 12 months. (See Section VII for definitions) (d) Retired pay: Except as provided in §§ 415.1(e), 415.3, 420.6 through 420.11, 707, 708, and 1010, members of the reserve components are entitled to retired pay in accordance with paragraph (b) of this section. (1) Retired pay for members retiring after 30 years of active duty or after 1 year of full-time service is determined in accordance with the following provisions, unless a different percentage is otherwise provided by law or regulation: (i) Except as provided in paragraph (d)(3) of this section, the base rate is the retired pay of the highest rate of basic pay and the basic rate is the retired pay of the first basic pay grade. The rate of basic pay for each successive grade is also in accordance with paragraphs (d)(3)(i)(A) and (B) of this section. (See § 415.10, 899.10.) (ii) The basic rate is calculated using the basic pay of the retired member immediately prior to entry on active duty and the basic pay for the grade of the retired member immediately before entering on active duty, provided that the former member is not rated under a different pay grade than the retired member who initially entered on active duty, or that the former member has been rated under a different basic pay grade for more than one year. The rate may not be based on the retired pay of any pay grade above the retired pay of the retired member having first held the higher than retired pay grade. (See § 415.10, 899.10.) (iii) If the retired pay of a member of the Selected Reserve is the highest rate as of February 17, 1985, the retired pay is calculated using the highest rate of basic pay of the retired member not earlier than February 17, 1985, and the highest rank of the retired member. (See § 416.6, 899.6, or 1034.10.) (iv) If the retired pay of a member of a
What is military form 1173?
The red ID Card (DD Form 1173-1) serves as proof that individuals have been pre-enrolled in the Defense Eligibility Enrollment System (DEERS). This is an important first step in obtaining family member and dependent medical treatment when the servicemember is called to active duty for 31 consecutive days or more.
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